Loving Hearts Babies Home Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Loving Hearts! We need volunteers who love God and love babies! This application will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. It is purposefully detailed to ensure that we have high quality volunteers to work with our babies. Please fill out this form accurately and completely as we are unable to process incomplete forms; if a question does not apply to you, please make sure you write N/A in the response field. Thank you!





Please provide the contact details for two people who have known you for more than two years and can recommend you as a volunteer. We recommend one from a religious leader and the other from a non-family member if possible.




Please write N/A in the boxes below if these do not apply to you.


  • We have 3 bedrooms available. If you are coming by yourself, the bedroom will likely be shared with another volunteer of the same gender.
  • Two meals (Breakfast and lunch) are provided and included in the room price. We have a kitchen specifically for the volunteers with an oven and fridge for making your own meals.
  • If you prefer to stay in a hotel, feel free to contact us for a list. If you decide to stay off the compound, one meal is provided during each 6-8hr shift.
  • Please keep in mind that our guest house may be full and your only option may be a local guest house or hotel.

  • Regular Rooms: $30 per night
  • Master Bedroom: $40 per night
  • Meals: 15,000/= ugx per meal
  • Van Hire from Entebbe Airport: $50
  • Town Drive Van Hire: 50,000/= ugx per day
  • Please note: We will not book any guest reservations until your volunteer application is approved and we recieve your flight itnerary and booking confirmations. All bookings are based on availability as space is limited.


    SECTION 7: LIFESTYLE AGREEMENT and CODE OF CONDUCT for all Africa Renewal Ministries & Loving Hearts Volunteers

    Loving Hearts Babies Home (LHBH) & Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) rejects the following conduct viewing it as being incompatible with Biblical standards and values for personal lifestyle of anyone serving with us:

  • Abusive behavior (Lev 18:1Tim5:22; 1John 3:3)
  • Breach of trust or confidence (Matt 5:3, 19:18, Phil 4:8,1John 3:3)
  • Criminal activity (Exodus20:12-17; (Matt5:37; 1John3:3)
  • Extra marital sexual relationships or adultery (Exodus20:1, Lev 18; Rom7:3, 1Cor5:1-2, 9-13; Eph5:3-4, Heb13:4)
  • Gambling behaviour: habitual, compulsive or addictive (Prov 15:27)
  • Lying, deceit or dishonesty (Matt5:37, 19:18, Eph4:25-29)
  • Occult practices; adherence to or participation in occultic activities (Deut18:10-11, Acts 13:6-9)
  • Premarital sexual relations (Acts15:29, Eph5:3-5, Heb13:4)
  • Participation or involvement in pornography including reading, viewing or listening to pornographic material such as pornographic movies, literature & entertainment shows (Phil4:8, Col 3:5,1Jn 3:3)
  • Racist and tribalistic conduct or expressing racist or tribalistic views (James 2; 1-4; Col 3:10&11)
  • Same sex unions or unions involving transsexual and transgressed individuals,practices and relationships, promotion or support of such activity or organization (Lev:18,Rom:1:26-27,1 Cor 10:8)
  • Substance abuse including the abuse of alcohol and drugs (Phil4:8,1Tim 5:22,1John 3:3)
  • Sexual assault, abuse, harassment (Lev18:1,1Tim 5:22, 1 Jn 3:3)
  • Theft or fraud (Exodus20:15, 17, Matt 5:37)
  • Use of profane or abusive language (Eph 4:29, Col 3:8)
  • Other behaviors/activities deemed inconsistent with Biblical moral standards.
  • While the previous list is not exhaustive, it does outline areas of conduct deemed inconsistent with Christian conduct and Bibilical standards. Consequences for breaching these will vary depending on the circumstances and may result in Church discipline including termination from a role or office you are volunteering in. The assessment of behavior as being contrary to these standards and values and the determination of the consequences for such behavior within the context of the Church, is in the entire discretion of the governing employee, volunteer or officer.

    DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Probation Suspension and Monitoring Expulsion from being in service or volunteering/working in the organization. I, the undersigned, declare all the above information to be truthful and accurate. I understand that I will work under the authority of LHBH and I will submit to the authority at the project. I understand that all finances and all insurances are entirely my own responsibility during my volunteer time/stay abroad, and that LHBH cannot be held responsible for any loss in this matter. I understand that I will work as an unpaid volunteer and I will cover all expenses myself. I agree to not become involved in any dating/romantic relationships while volunteering with LHBH. I have read through the statement of faith and the Lifestyle agreement and code of conduct and agree to comply with the standards and values that have been set out. If accepted, I agree to having my name and home town listed on the Loving Hearts Babies Home website as a recognized volunteer. We are grateful to God for the sacrifices each volunteer must make to work at our home. However, if you cannot commit to the terms of this agreement LHBH reserves the right to deny your request to volunteer. Only those who have received approval as a volunteer have permission to use the name of Loving Hearts Babies Home or Africa Renewal Ministries to raise funds for international travel and support from friends and organizations.

    We will notify you by email if your application is approved or unsatisfactory. Please do not start your volunteer service until you recieve confirmation.

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Loving Hearts Babies Home. Someone will be in touch with you soon!